ANSYS SpaceClaim Speeds the Evolution of Apprenticeships

Years ago, vocational training centered on teaching students to manually operate machines for shops or factory applications. Today, apprentices at training centers like the Remscheid Vocational Training Center in Germany learn complete processes for successful production — from CAD via CAM to machining (CNC) to finished component. To prepare apprentices for successful careers in the mechanical and electrical industries, the vocational center requires them to learn a number of software programs. For the past five years, ANSYS SpaceClaim has been their CAD software of choice. Continue reading

Combustion Simulation That is Good and Fast and Affordable

Impossible dreamThere’s an old project management adage that goes “Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick any two.” There are tons of websites and blogs about it. I’m particularly fond of this one about the designer’s holy triangle. Unfortunately, this holds true in the engineering simulation world. With “good” meaning “accurate,” you’re stuck with suboptimal choices: Good + fast = expensive; good + cheap = slow; fast + cheap = inferior. Product designers are stuck with good results that take too long or “directional” results fast. Good and fast just was not on the table. Continue reading

New Job Opportunities at ANSYS – Week of June 27, 2016

Jobs at ansys hiringThe latest job opportunities at ANSYS are listed below. In addition to these opportunities, we have other openings that are listed on our careers website. Take a look at it and apply today. We only accept applications via our on-line website. If you don’t find what you are looking for today, check it out every day. We post new positions daily as they become available. Continue reading

From Waterloo to Wi-Fi: The Transition to the Connected Soldier

Last year marked the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo. I recently read an excellent account of the battle by Tim Clayton. What a tremendous difference between the technology available to the soldiers and generals in those days compared with today’s connected soldier. Continue reading

ANSYS Webinars Coming Up

ansys webinars this weekHere are just a few of the ANSYS webinars coming up. You can view our full schedule by heading over to our Events Calendar. If you missed any of our over 500 webinars, the on-demand recordings are available on our Resource Library. These recordings have advanced filters, so it’s easy to select the industry, category or ANSYS product area you are specifically interested in viewing.

Happy Learning! Continue reading

Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles This Week

Hello all! My top engineering technology picks of the week include the world’s first electric highway, incredible homes from around the world and the backpack-worn cardboard drum set. Have a great weekend!

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ANSYS Advantage Connects You to IoT

ANSYS Advantage IoTEvery day we hear about a new internet-enabled product — or two, or three, or a dozen. Consumer products are increasingly more connected including appliances, automobiles and traditional electronics like smartphones and tablets. In the industrial world, factories, aircraft, distribution facilities, power plants and many other things are being monitored by sensors and communications networks to provide feedback on production, maintenance and efficiency. Importantly, these devices collect data that allow manufacturers to understand how products are used so that they can develop better things that more closely fit our needs. Engineers designing smart, connected products need to address competing and complex challenges, including size, weight, power, performance, reliability, durability. For example, engineers may need to design reliable sensors, high-speed communication and networking equipment, or supercomputers that process vast amounts of data. How can designers ensure that their products will work flawlessly in the real world? Continue reading

New Open Jobs at ANSYS for the Week of June 20, 2016

jobs at ansysIf you’re looking to make a career change, take a look at the new jobs at ANSYS listed here. Now is a great time to join a company like ANSYS. Not all of our openings are listed in this blog, so take a look at our Careers site for more listings. We only accept applications via our Careers site. If you are interested in a new and exciting career, apply today! Continue reading

This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles

This week’s Top 5 engineering technology articles include some outer space discoveries that may have us saying, it’s a small universe isn’t it.

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Should They Ban Motorcycles from Cycling Races?

The former Belgian top cyclist Johan Museeuw once stated: “Crashing is part of cycling as crying is part of love.” Indeed, probably every elite cyclist has experienced in-race crashes that put him or her in the hospital. But recently, things seem to have become much worse. In the past two years, many prestigious elite races have been stained by serious crashes between riders and in-race motorcycles. The tragic culmination so far of these crashes was reached on 27 March 2016, when Belgian rider Antoine Demoitié got hit by a motorcycle in the race Gent-Wevelgem and died later in hospital due to his injuries. Later, on 28 May 2016, 19 cyclists were involved in a major crash with two motorcycles, which put Belgian rider Stig Broeckx in hospital in a coma. Continue reading