AESE: Simulation for a More Connected World

Today, after a video call with my kids at home, I feel more relaxed. Usually on long distance business travel, we are always concerned about the family at home. A few years ago long distance voice calls were not only costly but also of poor voice quality. Now, equipped with mobile phones, we can make high-quality audio/video calls and exchange text messages with people around the globe, at little or no cost.

It’s amazing to see the way communication technology has grown over the years. Technologies that seemed like fiction a few years ago, are now becoming reality. These include virtual reality, 3-D hologram and printing, language translation, and mobile streaming audio and video. 

Engineers worldwide are increasingly turning toward simulation to design the network and wireless equipment of the future. Simulation driven product development has helped organizations to identify issues in early design stage, reduce the number of prototypes with shorter design cycles and develop a robust and compliant electronic equipment.

For example, Alacatel-Lucent employed simulation to reduce the cost of high-speed networking equipment by 67% and Clariphy Communications utilized simulation to design the LightSpeed-II™ optical networking solution to drive the backbone of IoT, winning the 2016 Lightwave Innovations Award.

Want to learn more about how you can improve electronic system design using simulation?

I invite you to join us on September 1st in Bangaluru, India to participate in the ANSYS Electronics Simulation Expo.

The ANSYS Electronic Simulation Expo (AESE), is an international conference that provides attendees an opportunity to meet foremost electronics simulation thought leaders, see how major global companies are using simulation, learn best practices, see the latest technology advances and network with their peers.

Highlight of talks:

  1. Signal and Power Integrity for High-speed Boards
  2. Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC)
  3. Chip Package Co-Simulation for HPC and Mobile Electronics
  4. PCB Electromagnetic and Thermal Reliability
  5. Thermal Management of Large Data Centers

Check out the full agenda and register today!

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About Ankit Adhiya

As a Sr. Technology Specialist at ANSYS Inc. Ankit has been with ANSYS for almost 10 years and specializes in thermal management of electronic systems and components. He is fascinated with the way technology in the electronics industry has moved from large desktop, to laptop, to now tablets and smart phones. On the simulation side, his latest interest is in modeling multiphysics applications in electronic industry and solving real world problems pertaining to Electronic Industry. He has contributed to multiple projects like thermal management and reliability of solder balls, modeling surface and volume loss for band filter and thermal analysis of it.