ANSYS AIM Customization Increases Opportunities for Upfront Simulation

Many companies are looking to introduce simulation upfront, as early as possible in their design processes, to bring better products to market faster and at reduced overall costs. ANSYS AIM has been developed with a view to providing unparalleled ease of use on top of ANSYS’ proven solver technology in a highly configurable and customizable way. We talked about this in our recent webinar, now available on-demand.

image001Custom simulation process templates in AIM provide you with easy to use solutions focused on specific design goals, while embedding expert, simulation-based knowledge. This allows less experienced users of simulation to get the results they need, with little opportunity to go wrong. ANSYS AIM takes the ability to provide customized and guided, engineering focused workflows to a whole new level.

Customization of AIM is achieved using a combination of the ANSYS Customization Toolkit (ACT) and the powerful IronPython-based Journaling and Scripting capabilities which underpin the AIM application. These tools can be used to provide multi-step, customized workflows tailored to specific design and application needs.


The example below provides a customized and guided workflow for designing pipework, containment vessels and associated equipment, subjected to internal fluid flow.


The user is first guided through the essential steps of geometry creation and preparation for simulation. Minimal inputs are then requested from the user to allow assessment of the design for flow, thermal and/or stress effects, as needed to meet the specified design goals.

Behind the simple engineering-focused inputs, expert simulation knowledge is embedded in the commands, which set up the simulation settings to meet the desired level of accuracy for a specific design scenario. Python scripting and the native expression functionality of AIM are used to automate the generation of most of the required simulation data. When sufficient input has been provided, the setup can be reviewed and the results accessed across all solution stages.

ansys webinars this weekThe opportunities for democratizing simulation through expert-developed, guided workflows are endless with the excellent customization capabilities of ANSYS AIM. You can read about 3 Ways ANSYS AIM Impacts Design Engineer Productivity and you can learn more by viewing this on-demand webinar.

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