Giving Thanks to Our Customers: Excellence in Engineering Simulation

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-12-00-39-pmAs the end of the year approaches, it’s always a good time to reflect on our achievements — did I really stick to those resolutions I made at the start of the year? — and to look forward to new goals and possibilities. It is also a time to celebrate the holidays and give thanks for the many good things that have happened this year. None more so than those showcased in ANSYS Advantage Magazine: Excellence in Engineering Simulation.

On reflection, irrespective of industry, we have continued to see a number of common trends. Resources are becoming more scarce and the cost of operations is increasing. Macroeconomic headwinds are making growth more challenging. Regulation, whether for safety or the environment, continues to tighten and impact product and process design. At the same time, consumers are demanding more capability at lower cost and with better reliability and performance. And of course, competition only increases. ANSYS customers face significant pressure from all these directions yet they still manage to demonstrate excellence in engineering.

Being the best, they are turning these pressures into opportunities by focusing on some fundamental initiatives and delivering achievements that can be celebrated: growth through new product innovations being delivered faster than ever before; increased efficiency of operations and processes, with affordability being the new mantra; and value creation for their customers and themselves by embracing the current, unprecedented era of connectivity and autonomy.

But doing this is no easy task. According to The Aberdeen Group, the top five challenges facing our customers today as they develop products are: design complexity; operating environment complexity; limited resources; competitive differentiation; and lack of market tolerance for failure.


So it is in this spirit of reflection and celebrating achievements — despite these significant challenges — that I am pleased to announce a collection of new material showcasing the outstanding work of our customers in a number of industry sectors. Each magazine demonstrates some snap shots of excellence in engineering simulation but is by no means exhaustive. We look forward to sharing many more.

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Automotive — Turbomachinery — Energy

High-TechAerospace & Defense — Healthcare

And finally of course, I am glad to be able to take this opportunity to thank you for being our customers and to eagerly anticipate what you are going to achieve in 2017.