ANSYS Advantage Magazine: Breakthrough Energy Innovation and Sustainable Design

ANSYS Advantage - Breakthrough Energy Innovation Sustainable Design

Energy systems innovation and sustainable design are key business initiatives in almost every industry sector. And, these initiatives are not only required to meet customer demand for “green products” or to satisfy environmental regulations. Many businesses have realized there is an opportunity to drive new growth with energy innovations. The new issue of ANSYS Advantage highlights the many ways our customers are delivering these energy innovations by leveraging the power of engineering simulation.

In this issue of Advantage industry leaders share their stories about five engineering application areas that are critical to the delivery of breakthrough energy innovations.

Advanced Electrification

Companies are examining core mechanical systems and replacing them with innovative electric systems made up of efficient chips and boards. Read how AMD uses ANSYS PowerArtist to identify and eliminate areas of power waste within its chip designs.

Machine and Fuel Efficiency

Planes, cars, power plants, production facilities all depend on engines or generators that must work optimally. BorgWarner, Tecumseh, Nova Simulations and Aditya Birla Science & Technology employ ANSYS simulation to ensure that equipment is not only efficient but reliable.

Nova fan

ETNZ aerodynamic wingAerodynamic Design

Reducing aerodynamic drag has proven critical to increasing the energy efficiency. New Wind leveraged aerodynamics as part of multiphysics system simulation to ensure that its beautiful Wind Tree is maximizing the conversion of wind to power. And, Emirates Team New Zealand is developing a more aerodynamic sail to propel its boat to retake the America’s Cup.

Effective Lightweighting

In the transportation sector, few engineering issues receive as much attention as lightweighting, which aims to increase energy efficiency by reducing vehicle weight. To decrease wheel weight while maintaining reliability, Accuride employs ANSYS simulation to design wide wheels that are lightweight and durable for the trucking industry.

Thermal Optimization

Thermal optimization helps many products perform at their best and safest. When designing the climate control system for the reconstruction of the historic Berlin City Palace, engineers used simulation to meet many, often conflicting, requirements for energy conservation, human comfort, artistic preservation and cost.

These are only some of the companies featured in the pages ANSYS Advantage. From historic buildings to artful wind turbines to racing yachts, industry leaders explain how they successfully employ simulation for breakthrough energy innovation and sustainable design.

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