Readers Choice for Top 5 ANSYS Advantage Articles

I enjoy working on every article I coordinate for ANSYS Advantage magazine. I always learn something new while assisting ANSYS customers and staff tell their stories of excellence in engineering simulation. I have no favorites as I appreciate all of the articles. But, I decided to let our readers choose their top five, based on the power of downloading. The following are the most-read articles from the four issues (three regular issues and one special issue for oil and gas) of ANSYS Advantage published last year. All these stories have one thing in common: They feature robust and reliable design practices. Drumroll please …

5. Shaping Up
ANSYS Advantage Article Shaping UpTo speed up the optimization process for aircraft wing design, Piaggio Aero Industries, S.p.A., teamed with researchers at the University of Rome Tor Vergata to validate a new design optimization method. Using RBF Morph software, an add-on to ANSYS Fluent, the team changed the wing shape and surrounding computational mesh to solve a series of design points without having to manually create new geometry and mesh. By employing ANSYS DesignXplorer, the shape was optimized.

4. Avoiding Small Mistakes ― and Huge Costs
ANSYS Advantage Avoiding Small Mistakes and Huge CostsDespite the many incredible advances we’ve seen in the practice of engineering, no product or process is guaranteed to always perform as intended. There are too many variables that must be accounted for. Robust design practices using engineering simulation help the world’s most innovative companies to protect product integrity and identify errors early — saving warranty costs, reputation damage and lost customers later. This article by ANSYS Lead Product Manager Wim Slagter explains some of these best practices.

3. In-Depth Solution
ANSYS Advantage In-Depth SolutionTechnip engineers design undersea equipment that must withstand challenging conditions during installation and while in final position in the deep ocean. The company automated evaluation of 20,000 simulation runs to ensure that jumpers (subsea piping components that connect one structure to another) will survive worst-case scenarios.

2. Safe Landing
ANSYS Advantage Safe LandingCrane Aerospace & Electronics is the industry leader in aircraft brake control systems, with 65 percent of the commercial market and 80 percent of the Western military market. The company relies on ANSYS SCADE Suite to help develop software that satisfies the critical FAA certification process for braking control systems. During software simulations, SCADE Suite allows the engineering team to subject the design to thousands of inputs and events to ensure that the software will function exactly as expected when installed in a plane.

1. A Systematic Approach
ANSYS Advantage A Systematic ApproachANSYS Advantage interviewed former Multiphysics Simulation Manager Ed Marotta at oil and gas leader FMC Technologies to discusses the company’s unique approach — which includes certification for analysts and best practice sharing. Marotta revealed his opinions on the importance of multiphysics and systems simulation and provided many examples from around the world. Additional examples appear in a web exclusive.

What would you nominate as the best article from the past year? Do you have any all-time favorites? If you don’t already read the magazine, subscribe to ANSYS Advantage to be notified when new issues are released. Past issues are always available.