Digitalization, Dyson and Dimensions

Whether you are a digitalization veteran or just starting on the path of digital transformation, you need to read the Spring 2017 issue of Dimensions magazine from ANSYS, which is available now. Perhaps you think digitalization is just the next buzzword, or maybe this is the first time you have heard the term. No matter your starting point, we think this issue of Dimensions will convince you of the tremendous opportunities ahead in the field of digitalization.

In the editorial leading off the issue, ANSYS President and CEO Ajei Gopal discusses how Pervasive Engineering SimulationTM is disrupting processes at all stages of a product’s lifecycle, from ideation to operations. Upfront digital exploration enables more design concepts to be explored more rapidly and at lower cost than ever before.

Digital prototyping validates a product’s performance in the real world, before expensive and time-consuming prototypes are commissioned. Digital twins extend the reach of simulation into product operations and maintenance and accelerate new product development, enabling companies to deliver more value to their customers and maintain their competitive edge.

This introduction is followed by a selection of articles from executives at industry leaders such as Dyson, Cummins and Siemens Steam Turbines; digitalization infrastructure pioneers such as GE Digital and PTC; and startups such as Future Motion and Airloom who are disrupting traditional ways of doing things.

Dyson engineer Jimmy Lirvat gives his perspective on how engineering simulation has played a role in Dyson’s success in developing a bladeless fan and an innovative hair dryer. Wayne Eckerle, Vice President of Corporate Research & Technology at Cummins, talks about how engineering simulation helped his team reduce NOx emissions from an internal combustion engine by 98 percent over 10 years while increasing engine efficiency by over 10 percent. Leif Paulukuhn, Head of Global Technology Development at Siemens’ Steam Turbine business describes how the global push for greater energy efficiency has forced power plants to function in new ways, leading Siemens to increase their use of simulation tools to ensure product reliability.

As companies seek to deliver more value to their customers by improving installed product performance and maintenance, they are leveraging the power of the industrial internet to create digital twins. I spoke to John Magee, GE Digital’s Chief Marketing Officer – Predix Platform Technologies Group, and PTC’s Chief Technology Officer Andrew Timm to get their perspectives on the potential of the digital twin, learn how their tools help companies create the digital infrastructure on which a digital twin can be built, and understand the critical role engineering simulation plays in enabling the digital twin.

Dimensions Startup Section CoverThe digitalization revolution and access to pervasive engineering simulation is not just for large industrial companies with the budgets and resources that brings. In a section of the magazine introduced by an article by Paul Lethbridge, Senior Manager of the ANSYS Start-Up Program, we also hear from a collection of small startup companies who can access the same technologies in a very affordable way, thanks to this innovative program. Read how this access has made a business-defining impact at companies with products as diverse as wind power, freight transport, multifunction earphones and more.

I hope you find all these articles to be informative and helpful in your company’s journey to digitalization, no matter where you are in that journey. Read Dimensions online today.