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ansys webinarsComing up, during the month of November, another great line-up of ANSYS webinars covering a wide variety of topics you can attend from the comfort of your office.

You can also check out our face-to-face seminars coming to your local area if you prefer a more hands on approach to learning about ANSYS products. Check out our full Events Calendar today.


ANSYS CFD Extreme Scaling: The Impact on the Manufacturing Design Process –November 2

ANSYS and Cray have demonstrated Fluent scaling to over 120K compute cores, with continued demand for performance. More complex physics models are being used to profile performance at this extreme level of scalability.

This webinar will present recent results and highlight how the design process changes to leverage this performance and other technologies.


ANSYS in ACTION: Evaluating Bolted Connections and Tightening Sequences -November 3

Bolt preload is the tension generated in a bolt when it is tightened, creating the clamping force between components that allows a bolted connection to transfer mechanical loads. Preloading the bolts and evaluating the optimal bolt tightening sequence is essential to determining the performance of the bolted connection and minimizing the likelihood of failure or joint separation. Simulating bolted connections enables you to accurately determine the structural performance and the optimal tightening sequences for your bolted connection designs before you invest time and money in physical prototypes. Register now for this 20-minute webinar to learn how you can use simulation to quickly and easily evaluate bolted connections and tightening sequences.


Composite Lightweighting with Confidence –
November 9


Composites provide new solutions for manufacturers looking for stronger, lighter and more cost-effective materials. At the same time, they pose new modeling and manufacturing challenges due to curing, springback and residual stresses. With the right simulation tools, designers can account for residual stresses, predict performance, analyze reliability and potential failures, optimize construction and export accurate information to manufacturing, all before a physical prototype is built. This webinar demonstrates how ANSYS simulation tools can help you engineer lighter, better and higher performing composites using simulation.
ANSYS in ACTION: Evaluating Fatigue on a Bicycle Frame –
November 10


Biking enthusiasts want bicycles that are durable enough to withstand their pursuits while being light enough to transport easily. Bike manufacturers want to meet customer expectations while minimizing material and transportation costs. Bicycle designers have a multitude of options for bike frame configuration, material type and material thickness to choose from to design bicycles that best address both consumer and business needs. Join us for this 20-minute webinar to see how simulation from ANSYS can make evaluating these options virtually fast and easy. Learn how you can simulate fatigue on bicycle frames to see how well and how long they will withstand the stresses riders will place on them before you ever build a physical prototype. You can save time and money on future bicycle designs, and get your product to the market faster than ever before.


ANSYS in ACTION: Insertion Force of a Snap-Fit Connector – 
November 17


Snap-fit connectors are one of the oldest and most common fastener devices. They have the advantages of speed of connection/disconnection over other fastening methods, with no loose parts that could be misplaced. However, their proper operation requires precise design to ensure that the amount of force it takes to fasten or separate the connector, and the direction of application of that force, is optimal for the desired application. Join us for this 30-minute webinar to see the how insertion force of a snap-fit connector can be quickly calculated using simulation from ANSYS. Learn how to determine what type of snap-fit to use, the required insertion force for operation and the amount of stress that various parts of the connector will experience.

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