ANSYS Webinars This Week

ansys webinarsHappy Monday everyone! Sorry I’m getting a late start on blogging today. We’ve got some great ANSYS webinars lined up this week. Make sure you register today!

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Simulation of Planar Magnetic Components — Possible or Impossible?

October 4th – 11 am ET REGISTER

Planar magnetic components consisting of a ferrite magnetic core and numerous conductor/insulation layers have been in use for many years. Historically, determining temperature dependent winding and core losses has only been possible using iterative testing of physical models due to the difficulty in determining 3-D frequency and thermal dependency. The only way to accomplish this now is to use frequency and thermally dependent material properties in a 2-way spatially coupled simulation. Additionally, you can only construct a frequency dependent system model that accurately represents the real device after the steady-state temperature condition has been reached throughout the device.

Recent breakthrough developments in simulation technology and high-performance computing from ANSYS make it possible to design, simulate and optimize planar magnetic components without building physical models or compromising simulation fidelity.

Hosted by IEEE Spectrum, attend this webinar to see how you can use ANSYS software tools, featuring a customized interface complete with manufacturer libraries, to automatically set up and then solve a frequency dependent, 2-way coupled magnetic-thermal model.


Optimizing Processor Power-to-Performance Ratios Using Early RTL Design-for-Power Methodology

October 5th – 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM (EDT) REGISTER

Conventional approaches for chip power-consumption analysis begin once a gate level netlist is available. At this stage, possible changes that can impact power are limited by schedule and cost considerations. AMD recently adopted ANSYS PowerArtist for a design-for-power methodology that begins early at the RTL stage, making it possible to significantly reduce power consumption on a processor design.

Attend this webinar to learn how, through rigorous tracking of power over multiple bandwidth scenarios, AMD identified areas of significant wasted power consumption and addressed them through high-impact RTL changes. Discover how they achieved a 70 percent power reduction in the idle mode and an improvement of 400 percent in the power-bandwidth slope using ANSYS PowerArtist.


Simulating MEMs with ANSYS

October 6th – 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (EDT) REGISTER

MEMS are a critical element in many of the sensors that generate data from the Internet of Things. Simulation of MEMS is much more challenging than ICs because their material properties and boundary conditions are not nearly as well defined. One of the biggest obstacles in simulating MEMS is determining the material properties of thin films.

Attend this webinar to learn from Alissa M. Fitzgerald of A.M. Fitzgerald as she discusses the challenges of designing MEMs and sensors and how simulation from ANSYS can help. Discover how ANSYS Mechanical software enables engineers to quickly evaluate the effects of varying material properties, along with design parameters, to save spins in the fab.