ANSYS Webinars This Week

ansys webinarsHappy Monday everyone! Here’s our list of ANSYS webinars for this week. You can register today for the session(s) that grab your interest. For a more complete listing of ANSYS webinars, please visit our Events Calendar.

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Reducing the Risk of Concussion Through Personalized Helmet Design

October 26 – 11 AM EDT REGISTER

Concussions and other head injuries are significant issues in modern sports involving head impact. The long-term viability of these sports is being called into question because of the severity of the brain injuries that affect players long after their careers have ended. A highly realistic 3-D head model has been developed by Simpleware Ltd. from MRI data using novel segmentation and image-based meshing techniques. ANSYS Mechanical simulations are being used with this head model to evaluate and optimize the performance of next-generation protective head gear.

Attend this webinar to investigate the potential of image-based 3-D modeling from scan data (such as CT and MRI) for better understanding of damage to the brain and the performance of protective headgear. By analyzing the shockwaves generated in the model of the head and a football helmet using ANSYS Mechanical, engineers are learning how to optimize helmet designs, including the materials used to manufacture them, so they can absorb more of the shock that would normally reach the brain and reduce sudden stress amplification from shock reflection.


Improve Your Chip Reliability Using Thermal, EM and ESD Simulations

October 27 – 9:00 AM (EDT) REGISTER

Full-chip reliability is critical for achieving successful silicon. This requires analysis that considers the impact of noise coupling, ESD and thermal effects from early in the design cycle to sign-off. FinFETs offer higher performance at the same power budget, or equal performance at a lower power budget, when compared to other chip designs. But lower noise margins and higher current density lead to thermal effects, including self-heat in FinFET transistors.

Attend this webinar to learn how ANSYS solutions can help you ensure chip-level reliability on the latest FinFET-based designs. Discover how ANSYS simulations can solve reliability issues, including noise coupling with on-chip mixed-signal, electromigration (EM), ESD, local self-heating and the overall thermal impact on noise and EM.


ANSYS in ACTION: Heat Exchange in an Exhaust Manifold

October 27 – 1:00 PM (EDT) REGISTER

Exhaust manifolds are used to collect several exhaust gas streams, one per engine header, into a single pipe. The thermal performance of the exhaust manifold is a key contributor to engine performance. It is important to keep the manifold hot to maximize engine performance but not so hot that damage to the manifold occurs. Engineers need to design exhaust manifolds and understand how they exchange heat with their surroundings to balance these thermal requirements. Come to this webinar to see how simulation from ANSYS make simulations for exhaust manifold easy and straightforward in just 20 min.