ANSYS Webinars This Week – October 17

ansys webinarsHappy Monday everyone! Here’s our list of ANSYS webinars this week. Please register today! Each session features LIVE Q&A, so don’t forget to bring your questions for our experts to answer.

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Turbocharge Rotating Machinery Efficiency with Simulation
October 18th – 11:00 AM EDT REGISTER

Rotating machinery users demand increased efficiency, reliability and durability while expecting compliance with regulatory mandates to reduce emissions and noise. Simulation pinpoints solutions and guides trade-offs early in the design process before significant investments have been made. By reducing the need for expensive prototypes and test rigs, simulation delivers better performance at lower cost.

This webinar will provide insight on:

  • Understanding the concept of a virtual prototype and how it reduces development costs while optimizing product performance.
  • Identifying seven essential features that must be included in a simulation in order to maximize the performance and efficiency.
  • Learning how ZECO Hydropower used ANSYS simulation tools coupled with high performance computing to develop a new and optimal intake for a Kaplan turbine in half of the usual time. They were able to reduce civil engineering infrastructure costs to ensure they would be competitive in emerging markets.
  • Walking through ZECO’s simulation process and results including CFD turbomachinery simulation, parallel computing, parametric modeling, and optimization tools.


Benefits of a Chip-Package-System Simulation Workflow
October 19 – 11:00 AM (EDT) REGISTER

Today’s electronic product development often requires chips that use advanced process technologies and/or packages, especially for high-performance computing (HPC), communications, mobile, high-end automotive and IoT applications. These chips require complete virtual prototyping using engineering simulation to ensure that they work in demanding operating conditions.

Attend this webinar to learn how the Chip-Package-System solution from ANSYS can help you design compact, thermally and structurally efficient chips to meet these challenges. Discover how this holistic chip-package-system design methodology can save you development and manufacturing costs while providing the high reliability you need.


ANSYS SpaceClaim: Customer Spotlight Webinar
October 20  – Two sessions 9 AM ET or 3 pm ET REGISTER

In this webinar SpaceClaim customer Billet Designs will join us and share some details of their product design journey and how SpaceClaim has played a part. Steven Aguirre of Billet Designs will walk you through their latest product, a CO2 beverage tap head system, and how the direct modeling technology of SpaceClaim helped make the design better in less time.

Whether you’re a seasoned SpaceClaim user or have yet to try it out, you’ll leave this webinar seeing:

  1. Tangible customer example of ANSYS SpaceClaim time savings and productivity increase
  2. Versatility of ANSYS SpaceClaim for product design
  3. ANSYS SpaceClaim used as a complete concept to finished part CAD tool
  4. Best practices and tips/tricks


ANSYS in ACTION: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a CPU Cooler

October 20 , 2016 – 1:00 PM ET REGISTER

CPUs generate a significant amount of heat during operation that must be removed to maximize CPU performance and prevent damage to components and soldered connections. CPUs placed in demanding, harsh environments are especially at risk for thermal damage. Engineers working on placing CPUs must be aware of thermal output of the CPU and the surrounding environment when designing a CPU cooler for a particular application. Come to this webinar to see how simulation from ANSYS can help you evaluate the effectiveness of a CPU cooler in just 20 min.