About Alberto Clarich

Technical Manager at ESTECO since 2010, Alberto Clarich joined the company in 2004 as an Optimization expert. He got his PhD in Innovative Parameterisation and Optimisation Methodologies in Aeronautic Field in 2003, having a background as Mechanical Engineer. He has published several articles in journals and conference proceedings in the Multidisciplinary Optimization field.

BorgWarner Goes Full Speed with ANSYS HPC Parametric Packs

It doesn’t matter what car you drive — it could be a snazzy Ferrari or a humble FIAT Punto — ultimately what we’re all looking for is a car that performs well and maybe saves us a little money at the pump.

The upcoming joint ANSYS-ESTECO webinar on September 15th will discuss just how important a single component, in this case, a tensioner arm, can be. Chain tensioner arms may not be as well known as pistons and gearboxes, but, by maintaining the correct amount of tension on the chain at all times throughout its duty cycle, they are important for reliable operation of the accessory chain drive system. The chain tensioner also helps protect other components, such as the alternator and water pump, from undue stress and premature failure. A well-designed chain tensioner can also help boost engine performance and efficiency. Continue reading