About Ajei Gopal

Ajei S. Gopal is the President and Chief Executive Officer at ANSYS. He has been a member of the Company’s Board of Directors since February 2011. Before joining ANSYS, he was an operating partner at Silver Lake, served as senior vice president at Hewlett Packard and executive vice president at CA Technologies. He also served as executive vice president and chief technology officer at Symantec.

ANSYS 18 Delivers Pervasive Engineering Simulation

ANSYS 18 pervasive engineering simulationIt’s no exaggeration to say that simulation is more important than ever in today’s rapidly expanding industrial and consumer environment. Our customers are pushing the boundaries of engineering simulation in ways we could never have imagined. Tomorrow’s release of the latest version of our suite of simulation solutions, ANSYS 18, will help them to keep pushing these boundaries. Continue reading