About Aniket Kulkarni

Aniket joined ANSYS in 2014 and is a multiphysics expert in the field of electronics cooling applications. He actively promotes simulation-based product development within the electronics industry. Aniket has pursued BTech from PESIT, Bangalore and MSc in CFD from Cranfield University, UK."

Mitigating Risk of UAV Collisions Using Explicit Dynamics

drone UAV explicit dynamicsUnmanned aerial vehicles, in short UAVs or drones, have become very popular both in the industrial and consumer space. With the number of units expected to reach 67 million by 2021 the potential for accidents and collisions with manned air vehicles is real. Understanding and mitigating the impact of UAV collisions using pervasive engineering simulation and explicit dynamics will be the key to helping accelerate the acceptance of drones into commercial airspace without sacrificing safety. Continue reading