About Antonio Mancuso

Antonio Mancuso is professor of Design and Methods in Industrial Engineering at the Università degli Studi di Palermo (Italy). He is the team principal of the university sailing team Zyz. His fields of interest are Design and Optimization methodologies, Sailing Yacht Design and numerical simulations.

Zyz Sailing Team Designs Using ANSYS

Zys sailing teamZyz sailing team started designing and manufacturing small sailing boats in 2008 to participate to Italian inter-university regattas called 1001velaCUP. During the first eight-year experience of the team, different boats have been launched, trying to optimize all different aspects that influence the final performance of a boat. R3 class rule adopted in this competition imposes geometrical and structural constrains to the design process: maximum length x beam of the boat is 4,60 x 2,10 m, while a minimum percentage weight for the hull constituted by 70% of plant-origin material is imposed. Continue reading