About Bruno Reymond

Bruno has been working in the simulation market since 1989. He began at ESI Group and then co-founded CADOE S.A. (Lyon, France) an innovative company to deal with parametric analysis (Variational Technology, mesh morphing, speed-up techniques). In 2001, CADOE was acquired by ANSYS. At ANSYS he focuses on promoting our platform and ecosystem vision in general and ACT the enabler of this vision in particular.

ANSYS ACT Delivers the ANSYS Platform Vision

I’d like to share a┬ávideo with you that illustrates ANSYS ACT’s three-prong development strategy – product coverage, third-party application integration and enhanced workflows.

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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett Meets with ANSYS Lyon Office

On March 19th, Michel Rochette and I had the great pleasure of attending a breakfast event in Lyon with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. Lyon was selected as one location to be visited by Governor Corbett during his Pennsylvania business development mission in Europe because it demonstrates the dynamism, the highly-skilled people, as well as the pleasant and modern environment that Lyon offers to business investors.

The primary objective of the Governor’s visit was to renew the bilateral cooperation agreement signed in 2006 between Pennsylvania and the Rhone-Alpes region, which is a unique case in France. The Rhone-Alpes region is the only French region to be partnered with one of the U.S. States. Continue reading