About Bala Sasanapuri

Balasubramanyam Sasanapuri works with the ANSYS aerospace/defense/marine customer base and is passionate about the application of simulation tools to real industrial problems. His focus is in understanding customer needs, providing high quality support, and creating and disseminating best practices for customer support. He works closely with development teams in product planning and to test the readiness of upcoming product versions. His master’s degree in aerospace engineering is from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, with specialization in CFD.

Thermal Management in Aircraft Cabins

While it only seems like yesterday, it is actually three years ago that I wrote a blog about the important role the Aircraft Environment Control System (ECS) plays in passenger comfort and safety as well as our (ANSYS) participation in Cabin Air Reformative Environment (CARE) consortium.

Those of you who subscribe to the ANSYS Advantage magazine may have read the article on this topic that was published in the most recent edition, but I thought it was about time I provided an update. Continue reading

Aerospace Innovations at AIAA SciTech 2016

aiaa scitech aerospaceLast week members of our team were at the AIAA SciTech 2016 conference in San Diego, California, USA. It was a busy week with several plenary talks, panel discussions, award lectures, work group meetings, many parallel tracks of paper presentations and an exposition. Continue reading

Hybrid Aircraft with Distributed Electric Propulsion

Courtesy Mark Moore, Design Engineer at NASA Langley Research Center

Courtesy Mark Moore, Design Engineer at NASA Langley Research Center

When I attended the AIAA SciTech Conference, I was impressed by a talk about electric aircraft, with a focus on distributed electric propulsion, presented by Mark Moore, a Design Engineer at NASA Langley Research Center. After returning from the conference, I started to read more about these concepts — especially looking for the benefits, challenges and most importantly to see how ANSYS simulation tools can help address the challenges.

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Passenger CARE and Aircraft Design

A few days ago, while I was waiting to board a flight, I ran into a childhood friend who I hadn’t seen in 20 years, and he was waiting for the same flight. We talked about all the developments in our lives over the last two decades, and it was wonderful catching up. I told my friend about how I had graduated in aerospace engineering, that my specialization is in CFD, and that I get to work with aerospace customers. He was quite interested in learning more about how our software helps with aircraft design.

airplane approaching the gateWe could see our aircraft approaching the gate through the pane glass window as we started to discuss how  external aerodynamics analysis influences the design of wings, fuselage, engines and flaps. Just around that time, the announcer issued the boarding, and so we boarded the flight and managed to get seats side by side.

While we continued our discussion, the aircraft was on the tarmac and began acceleration for take off. All of a sudden, my friend grabbed my hand. I was quite surprised and looked at him, even more shocked to see his tensed face with eyes closed and ears filled with cotton. Continue reading