About Calvin Chow

Calvin Chow is an Area Technical Manager at ANSYS subsidiary, Apache Design. He brings over 12 years of industry expertise in the semiconductor space in both design and EDA. Since joining Apache in 2009, he has helped designers address their power delivery network design challenges using the RedHawk and Totem Power Analysis platforms.. Prior to Apache, Calvin worked in microprocessor design at Sun Microsystems, followed by a transition into applications engineering at Magma Design Automation.

What’s With All The Noise About FinFETs?

Power noise integrity challenges designers face in FinFET-based design

ReFinFET2cently, there has been a lot of talk around designing systems-on-chips (SoCs) using FinFET technology. So what is a FinFET and what’s all the noise about? Simply put, FinFET is a three-dimensional field-effect transistor (FET) where the gate is wrapped around an elevated channel, creating a “fin”. Compared to traditional planar MOS transistors, FinFET architecture offers reduced leakage power and increased drive current, resulting in lower power, higher performance SoCs for mobile, networking, computing, and other applications. Continue reading