About Guest Blogger Cédric Leclerc

Cédric Leclerc is the technical director for the seventh Chinook prototype and is currently finishing the fourth year of his mechanical engineering degree. On the team since 2013, he served as the composites materials specialist for the last four vehicles. He is the driving force behind the design and optimization of the carbon fiber monohull of the new platform.

Chinook ETS Wind-Powered Car Breaks World Record with the Help of ANSYS

Chinook ETS is a team of student engineers from École de technologie supérieure in Montreal, Canada. We are trying to design and build a prototype wind-powered car with the highest possible efficiency for the Racing Aeolus event held in Den Helder, Netherlands. Our goal is not only to perform well during the race but also to develop efficient wind turbines through numeric simulations, new composites fabrication processes, advanced electronics and out-of-the-box thinking. ANSYS simulation solutions play a key role in our design efforts.chinook team with wind powered car Continue reading