About Carl Rudd

Carl Rudd has been with ANSYS for over 10 years and is the UK Regional Sales Director Before that, he worked for ANSYS in various roles including Regional Sales Manager and Sales Representative. Carl no longer rides horses !

Charles Owen in the ANSYS Stable

Equestrian sports are not something one generally associates with an ANSYS blog. Normally we blog about the realization of a jet engine program, or the promise of a new car on the road with lower emissions, or — to quote a recent blog by my colleague Daniel Burton — “How ANSYS Can Save the UK Economy.”

So why equestrian sports? I have a passion for horses, as do my family and many friends. Most of them compete at various levels in the equestrian world, and it’s in the equestrian world where a recent convert to ANSYS is making things safer.

Charles Owen designs riding helmets that benefit the equestrian world. Using ANSYS, the company designs and creates riding helmets that meet required standards well before they are manufactured. In addition, Charles Owen continually works developing techniques that maximize dissipation of energy from an impact. Continue reading