About Derek McDonald

Derek has been working as a marketing communications manager at ANSYS for the past seven years. Derek holds degrees from both Ohio State University and Ohio University in the fields of marketing and communications.

ANSYS Hall of Fame Class of 2013

The 2013 ANSYS Hall of Fame competition is now complete — this year with a record-breaking 134 entries. The annual ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition determines the most eye-popping simulation images and videos from our customers, showcasing how they use ANSYS to realize their product promise. We’d like to thank all of those who shared their great work.

Editors Note: We’ll be sharing more of our submissions over the coming weeks on our ANSYS Facebook page.

Without further ado…we are pleased to announce this year’s ANSYS Hall of Fame: Continue reading

Last Minute Gift for the Holidays: How About a Robot Dragonfly Created with ANSYS Software?

Desperately searching for a gift for my nephew Dominick, I came across this article about a flying robotic Dragonfly that the Air Force has spent more than $1 million developing.

My first thought was ‘what kid wouldn’t want a flying insect that weighs less than one AA battery equipped with a camera that can be operated with an iPhone?’

My next thought was ‘Wait, a minute, I’m not shopping for myself.’

My third thought was ‘I’ve recently read about this device being created with ANSYS software.’

The Georgia Institute of Technology submitted this story and image to our 2013 Hall of Fame competition that has concluded. (Results coming, stay tuned.)


Here is what they told us: Continue reading

Did Simulation Software Create the Universe or Prove It Didn’t Exist?

Some say that, according to the Mayans, the world is ending on Friday. What world? Or even what universe? Do we even have a real existence on this world that is about to end?


According to University of Oxford philosophy Professor Nick Bostrom, the answer is no. In 2003, Dr. Bostrom wrote a paper that explains that we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation, much like the premise of the movie The Matrix.

This paper was a relief to me, as it explained every grade of C I received in handwriting in elementary school — because certainly I couldn’t have earned that grade by my own free will. The computer program predetermined me to scrawl illegibly, like a doctor does.

However, the comfort I felt for my shortcomings over the last nine years vanished today when I read that a group at Cornell University has developed a method for testing Bostrom’s theory on whether or not we actually exist or are just a part of a computer simulation. Continue reading

Self Driven Cars Making Dreams Come True

Four hours into a 19-hour drive home from our annual family vacation in Florida, I wake up, stretch my arms and take a look out my window to see Georgia flying by. I casually decide to take out my iPad to catch up on the latest season of Homeland, look to my right and behind me to see the rest of my family is quietly napping while I’m behind the wheel, only I’m not in control of the car. It’s on autopilot.

I snap out of my daydream. I’ve gone four hours into a 19-hour drive. It feels like I’ve listened to the same four light rock songs on Sirius’ 70s station. There is no hope for rest. Everyone is napping around me. I want to wake them up to share my pain. All I have to look forward to is two hours from now we’ll drive through Greenville, SC, and if I’m lucky we’ll pass an exit with a Sonic so I can get a pineapple milkshake. This is only the beginning of a very, very long trip. Continue reading

Knee Replacements On The Rise Among The Elderly

I came across this USA Today article the other day about how knee replacements are on the increase among older adults. In fact, from 1991 to 2010, a whopping 3.27 million people age 65 and older have had total knee replacements. Also, the amount of time in the hospital has decreased from 7.9 days to 3.5 days.

knee replacement

This means I’ll be dealing with a lot more of the elderly jogging past me on my runs, hitting overhead smashes at tennis or giving a mean crossover dribble/layup in basketball.

Guess who I have to thank for making it possible for the elderly to continue their dominance over me?  If you guessed ANSYS, I’ll give you a high five.

I have two examples I’d like to share with you: Continue reading

Enter the ANSYS Hall of Fame

We are excited to announce the launch of our annual ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition to determine the most eye-popping simulation images and videos from our customers, showcasing how they use ANSYS to realize their product promise.

ANSYS Hall of Fame Past WinnerFor over 5 years, the ANSYS Hall of Fame has featured real-world multiphysics applications from ANSYS customers around the globe. Last year’s winners included Clean Current Power Systems, ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems, SpaceX, Intel and more.

Winners of this competition will gain entry into the prestigious ANSYS Hall of Fame. Ten winners will be selected by a panel of judges to be highlighted in the Hall of Fame, with the top three winning an iPad.

ANSYS Hall of Fame imageThe images or videos entered should demonstrate:

  • Benefits gained from employing ANSYS software.
  • Improvement over past processes and products by using ANSYS.
  • Value to your company of Simulation-Driven Product Development.

The competition is open until November 16, so don’t be selfish and keep all of your great work to yourself. Enter now and see if you really are Hall of Fame worthy.

If you’d like to see more entries from past years, you can visit our Facebook photo album.

2013 ANSYS Regional Conferences – Call for Presentations

Many of you in North America participated in the Confidence by Design seminars that were held over the past few months. So what do you do with all of the knowledge about ANSYS software you just absorbed? Of course, you should apply it, develop a presentation to explain the benefits and present it at the 2013 ANSYS Regional Conferences! (Was there really another option?)

2013 Regional Conferences Call for Presentations

ANSYS is now accepting submissions for presentations for the 2013 Regional Conferences held in North America, with other locations around the world coming soon. The North American events are scheduled for next spring in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis, Irvine, Santa Clara and Toronto. Continue reading