About Guest Blogger David Schneider

David Schneider is optiSLang product manager at Dynardo GmbH. He did his PhD in Finite Element Methods based on structural mechanics at Vienna Technical University in 2010. He has been working for Dynardo GmbH since 2006 developing the software optiSLang for CAE-based sensitivity analysis, multidisciplinary optimization and robustness evaluation.

How to Make Smart Digital Twins

digital twins dynardoDigital twins continue to grow in importance. Here in Germany, engineers at many companies, including Bosch and Daimler, are dealing with complex applications and the challenge to improve the product performance to come up with an optimized and robust virtual design. They need to determine and evaluate the robustness of virtual prototypes, considering scattering effects, which is difficult or not even possible in hardware tests. Software is used to accurately and rapidly generate proper samples and the resulting understanding saves them a lot of time and money in prototyping so they can stay competitive. Continue reading