About François -Xavier Dormoy

François -Xavier Dormoy is the Senior Product Manager for the ANSYS SCADE Test product line within the Systems Business Unit at ANSYS. François is also responsible for the Energy vertical within this business unit. François joined ANSYS subsidiary Esterel Technologies in 2002 as a Technical Product Manager and has served in various engineering positions during his 14 years with the company, including Vice President of Engineering. Prior to joining Esterel, François worked at Telelogic and Verilog. Francois holds a Master of real-time embedded software from the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France.

Keys to Safety Critical Embedded Software Development Success

The Internet of Things and the abundance of smart applications have significantly increased the need for the safety critical embedded software that controls these devices. You’ve probably heard some of the following stats. Nearly 400,000 software and system engineers work in the oil and gas industry. In the energy and nuclear sectors, software-based instrumentation and controls have become state of the art. The aerospace industry has witnessed a 500 percent increase in source lines of code over the past decade. And, there are 10 million software lines of code in modern vehicles! Continue reading