About Gunther Siegel

Günther Siegel leads the Systems Business Unit Product teams at ANSYS. Gunther joined Esterel/ANSYS in September 2003 as a Technical Manager and Deputy Director R&D. He has also been CTO of the EDA activity for Esterel in charge of product engineering, product marketing, and expertise development. He has an Engineer's degree and a PhD in Computer Science.

New Capabilities for Testing Embedded Software Announced

A number of new and exciting workflow enhancements were included in ANSYS SCADE 17.2 for those who are validating and testing embedded software. In this blog, I’ll cover the top 3 enhancements.

Virtual System Testing Using Simplorer Entry

In ANSYS 17.2, all SCADE Suite users can immediately simulate and analyze virtual system prototypes thanks to the bundling of Simplorer Entry.

One of the main objectives of embedded software users is to perform closed-loop testing to tune the software application — as early as possible. As a best practice, embedding the application within a virtual environment is a great way to reduce testing costs. It can be performed first with simplified model of the environment using Modelica language then moved to high-fidelity models. Continue reading