About Guest Blogger Hong Dong

Hong Dong joined Vanderplaats R&D, Inc in 2008, as R&D Engineer, after receiving her PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University. At VR&D, she has worked on development of several engineering optimization software including VisualDOC, mesh mapping for ESLDYNA, and GTAM/GSAM (GENESIS Structural Optimization for ANSYS Mechanical). Her expertise includes multidisciplinary optimization, structural optimization and software development.

Using ANSYS Super-element with GENESIS for Efficient Topology Optimization

Anil Kumar (Senior Engineer РANSYS) and I thought it would be interesting to share information about integrating ANSYS super-element with the GENESIS structural optimization extension for ANSYS. With ever-increasing computational power, engineers can solve larger FE models in less time. However, optimization is still a serious concern because it is an iterative process and the FE analysis usually needs to be performed multiple times.

Typically, the parts that engineers choose to optimize are only a subset of large assemblies. For example, when optimizing the chassis, the engines and other components attached to it are not designed at the same time. It is not necessary to model all the details of those components not participating in the optimization.

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In Search of a Better Design with Topology Optimization

When reducing the mass of your models, are you also optimizing for other important design elements such as thermal performance, fabrication constraints or if the casting needs to be water-tight?

Thermal problems are very common in engineering design such as automotive powertrain, electronic cooling system, etc. Topology optimization can also be applied for thermal analysis to improve the cooling performance or for coupled thermal-mechanical analysis to improve the thermal and structural performance simultaneously. Continue reading