About Harish Radhakrishnan

Harish graduated with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University and has been with ANSYS for 6 years. He supports customers in the oil and gas industry by helping them design complex mechanical systems and ensure compliance with design standards using ANSYS tools.

Digital Prototyping for More Powerful Pumps

Routine maintenance of sewer pipes is necessary to prevent clogging, cracking and failure in the long run, saving sewage companies considerable time and money. FMC Technologies, which makes reciprocating pumps used to force water at high pressure through sewage pipes to clean them, turned to engineering simulation to design their latest product when customers began demanding smaller, lighter pumps with a higher output pressure. These pumps would be easier for the operator to move and place for optimal operations in the field. Also, reducing size and weight would make the pumps less expensive to purchase, easier to maintain and more energy efficient.

sewer pipe

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