About Guest Blogger Jayesh Kaushik

Jayesh Kaushik is a first-year Computer Science student at UC Berkeley. Jayesh is a part of Berkeley Hyperloop’s marketing team, and has been with bLoop for a year. Alongside marketing, Jayesh has worked on several other subteams at bLoop, and traveled with the team to SpaceX’s annual Hyperloop Pod Competition in January 2017. In the future, Jayesh wants to be involved in aerospace, preferably with SpaceX.

Engineering a Hyperloop Pod with ANSYS

Since starting out as a segmented group of individuals passionate about high-speed technology, Berkeley Hyperloop (bLoop) has come a long way in our (roughly) two years of existence. What started as a vague mission to create a broader impact on the future of transport is now a tangible team of engineers, designers, marketers, logisticians and everything in between and we have no plans of stopping now. Of course, we didn’t do it alone. We’d be remiss if we did not acknowledge the generous support of sponsors like ANSYS, sponsors that have helped us realize the dream of designing and bringing a functional Hyperloop pod to that only existed in our wildest dreams up until a few months ago.

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