About Joe Manich

Joe Manich has been with ANSYS for over 25 years in various technology and technology management areas. From his Technical Support beginnings, Joe proceeded to be a part, or lead, the ANSYS teams that brought ANSYS Mechanical software to personal computers and beyond, from early MS-DOS days, to Windows. Today he is responsible for mechanical development, which includes the flagship products ANSYS Mechanical, and Mechanical APDL.

Mexico’s Moment – ANSYS Convergence Conference

I recently attended the ANSYS Convergence User Group Meeting (UGM) in San Miguel de Allende, in central Mexico, put together by ANSYS channel partner Grupo SSC. I had not attended a UGM there in over five years. What did I find? A strong channel partner, a vibrant ANSYS community, and a very exciting central Mexico. Evidence of engineering activity was plenty.

Big international names such as Mazda, Whirlpool, GE, Honda and Ford in addition to Mexican companies including MABE, PEMEX and CEMEX are making large commitments to the area. What is interesting about all of this is that this activity is driving not only manufacturing, which is attracted there because of lower labor rates, but also the staffing engineering departments that are performing simulation and designs locally. This is what columnist Tim Harcourt calls Mexico’s moment: Mexico has the opportunity to provide a North American alternative to what is now offered in Asia.

image of Instituto Technológico San Miguelense de Estudios Superiores - San Miguel’s Technical Institute of Higher Learning

Instituto Technológico San Miguelense de Estudios Superiores ( San Miguel’s Technical Institute of Higher Learning)

All of this activity has highlighted the need for local engineering talent, which in turn has created a revolution in Mexican higher education offerings.  I’m proud to report that this need did not escape  Grupo’s founder and CEO, Fernando Balderas Lopez.  An ANSYS channel partner for 23 years, Fernando recognized this growing need back in the early 2000s.  He then proceed to establish in 2004 the Instituto Technológico San Miguelense de Estudios Superiores ( San Miguel’s Technical Institute of Higher Learning).  Today it includes 15 classrooms, three fully equipped labs for design and simulation with the latest computer hardware, state-of-the art audio/visual facilities, and a 1,000-core compute cluster. Continue reading

ANSYS Acquires EVEN: Adding Layers to ANSYS Mechanical

Guten Tag ANSYS Schweiz – Bonjour ANSYS Suisse – Buongiorno ANSYS Svizzera – Bun di ANSYS Svizra

Today we announced with great pleasure the addition of EVEN – Evolutionary Engineering AG (EVEN) to the ANSYS family. EVEN was founded in 2004 in Zürich by Marc Wintermantel, Oliver König and Nino Zehnder with the goal of making optimization and composites post-processing software.

compositesComposites are created by blending two or more materials that possess different properties. Because they combine light weight, high strength and outstanding flexibility, composites have become standard materials for manufacturing in a range of industries. For this reason, composites will continue to be extremely popular with leading manufacturers around the world.

For example, we have seen growth in the use of composites in such industries as jet engines, wind turbines and automotive, among many others. We expect to see even more applications in which composites play a key role in the future, and ANSYS will be ready to supply the tools needed to get this critical work done. Continue reading