About Guest Blogger John Mohyi

John Mohyi is the Founder of Mohyi Labs and the inventor of The Bladeless Drone: a ducted counter-vortex radial impeller propulsion system. He is a former Program Manager of Unmanned Aerial System Operations at Detroit Aircraft Corporation, and has a patent pending for an Impeller-Based Vehicle Propulsion System for “bladeless” propulsion. In addition to his professional accomplishments, John was also a 2016 contestant on Intel’s America’s Greatest Makers on TBS, was a 2016 finalist in the National Inventors Hall of Fame Collegiate Inventors Competition for the invention of the bladeless drone, a 2017 finalist for the Department of Energy Cleanup Tech competition, a keynote for the future of “flying cars” at the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Intelligent Mobility Conference in London England, and a keynote for the five year anniversary of the USPTO’s Elijah J. McCoy Midwest Regional Office in Detroit.

Bladeless Propulsion System Developed to Replace Propellers

For over 100 years, propellers have been the propulsion method of choice for aircraft, helicopter, and boat manufacturers. With the rise of multi-rotor technology, the limitations of this ancient method of propulsion have placed a glass ceiling on emerging industries such as drone delivery and “flying cars.” Besides the obvious safety issues, the faster that a blade rotates the more inefficient it becomes at transferring energy into thrust. A key reason for this upper limit on economies of RPM is that the faster a blade spins, the more prominent the vortex geometry becomes in the mass flow, which is parasitic to propulsion. This constrains both payload and range. Continue reading