About Guest Blogger Jay Skylus

Jay Skylus is the founder and CEO of Aevum, a startup space launch company headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. Jay set his eyes on affordable space access in 2006 after recognizing its vast potential to disrupt the tech industry and advance humanitarian missions around the globe. He brings extensive launch and hardware experience from both government and private space sectors,including NASA, Firefly Space Systems, Google Lunar XPrize, Boeing and more.

Earth-to-Space Delivery Servicesâ„  Faster and Affordable with ANSYS Simulation

earth to space delivery systemsThe rapid surge in consumer demand for mobility, connectivity and content has fundamentally changed the space industry. Space, as the ultimate vantage point, is a necessary destination to connect 55 percent of the world that does not have access to the internet. With miniaturization of technologies, capabilities that until now required large satellites the size of a bus with a billion-dollar price tag are being challenged by small satellites that are 12 inches long and weigh only 9 pounds. When constellations of 24 to 800 of these small satellites are established in low Earth orbit, the world will enjoy global WiFi, maritime connectivity, real-time navigation maps, precise weather forecasts, virtual reality in space and more. Continue reading