About Lubeena Rahumathulla

Lubeena is a Senior Technology Specialist at ANSYS. She joined ANSYS in 2006 after completing her Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Madras. She has been working in free surface flow applications and moving/deforming mesh applications in various industries. She is also interested in exploring the CFD applications in offshore and marine industry and automotive industry.

Ocean Waves – A Nightmare for Offshore Structures

You may have heard about the grounding of an Alaskan oil rig in January, 2013. The 28,000-tonne rig was pushed toward the shore by waves up to 35 feet and winds up to 62 mph, dragging its main towing vessel and a tug behind it. There have been several such oil rig incidents over the past few decades. The below image shows the failure of an another oil rig platform due to extreme wave forces. A huge wave hitting the offshore platform leads to high wave impact loads that can eventually result in significant platform damage and collapse. These incidents can cause fatalities and damages that can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Continue reading