About Guest Blogger Michael Hoyack

Michael Hoyack is the Senior RF Project Engineer at Amphenol RF, global supplier of RF interconnect solutions. Mike started at Amphenol directly after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, working as a mechanical engineer. He developed an interest in microwave theory and returned to school, earning a Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering degree; Magna Cum Laude, while working full time at Amphenol.

Amphenol® RF HFSS 3D Components

Amphenol® RF engineers spend countless hours working with our customers to ensure our connectors are as effectively integrated as possible to their products. With competitive pressure and new product development cycles shrinking ever more, efficient collaboration with customers and partners for successful product integration has never been more important. A critical challenge in high performance RF connector design is to understand the impact of the connector’s launch to the device. Being able to validate our connector design on the customer’s product as early and as confidently as possible in the design stage is critical. To help address this need, Amphenol® RF is now making available, for download, encrypted ANSYS HFSS 3D models. Continue reading