About Michael Mayr

Michael is the Marketing Manager for the German speaking region for ANSYS. Prior to joining ANSYS in 2011 he was responsible for marketing and business development for several international software companies in the business intelligence and process automation area.

The Art of Engineering

The dOCUMENTA is the largest exhibition of modern and contemporary art in the world; it takes place every five years in Kassel, Germany. In 2012 dOCUMENTA XIII ended its 100-day run on September 16. But just one month later, a different form of art took place in Kassel — the art of engineering.

At that time, more than 900 people from various industry, research and academic institutions came for three days to Kassel to attend the ANSYS Conference & 30th CADFEM Users’ Meeting aptly named “The Art of Engineering.” Continue reading

How to Become a Formula 1 Engineer

image of red bull racingThe Formula 1 engineer is the royal class of automotive engineering. Even the smallest improvements in aerodynamics, engine performance, traction or durability can influence a team’s success or failure. Each of the F1 teams have a large number of highly qualified engineers working on each part of the car to improve its overall performance. Where do these engineers come from? Is there a given educational path a person should follow to get a chance to work for an F1 team? Next to a sound engineering education and the right motivation and will, probably not. But there are some initiatives that are helpful on the way to the automotive engineering summit. One of them is Formula SAE/Formula Student. Continue reading