About Guest Blogger Mika Pegors

Mika Pegors is the product marketing manager at Rescale, where she is responsible for marketing the ScaleX cloud big compute platform. Mika holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University, as well as an MBA in Technology Management from UCLA. She has also worked as a technical consultant to the U.S. Department of Energy helping to shape regulations and direct R&D investment for energy saving technologies.

Cloud is Leveling the Playing Field for Technology Startups

A technology startup faces a great deal of challenges: funding, hiring, office space, manufacturing, messaging, legal, software, and infrastructure, to name a few. CEOs can feel overwhelmed by the sheer size and complexity of the puzzle that is establishing a successful corporation. It only takes one of the pieces to fail to jeopardize the whole enterprise. The stakes are high.

One area of investment that is particularly expensive and difficult to get right for hardware startups is the engineering simulation software and high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure required for virtual prototyping and testing. Rescale and the ANSYS Startup Program offer solutions for startups with on-demand and fully scalable software and hardware that require zero in-house IT.

Rescale and the ANSYS Startup Program are partnering to offer a scalable,
zero-IT simulation solution to startups

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