About Muhammad Zakir

Muhammad Zakir is an Applications Engineering Lead at ANSYS subsidiary, Apache Design. Zakir joined Ansys in 2011, helping establish power integrity and reliability solutions for various end customers. Prior to Ansys, he worked on ASIC and anlog IC products at Texas Instruments, and thermal and night vision systems at L-3 Communications more recently. He holds both bachelors and Masters of Engineering degrees from Cornell University.

How Is FinFET Technology Changing the Meaning of Chip Sign-Off?

Physical Representation FinFET TechnologyModern high-tech products using chips that are designed with the latest deep sub-micron process technologies (28nm and below) and FinFET technology offer higher performance, smaller footprint and lower power. However, power integrity analysis and reliability challenges become increasingly complex for chip package designs using these devices.

More stringent manufacturing rules present basic layout challenges and new design innovations require careful consideration of effects such as electromigration (EM), electrostatic discharge (ESD) and noise coupling through substrate, signal and power rails. Even the most thorough sign-off process can often fail to prevent tape-out hurdles or extensive redesign. Therefore, forward-thinking design teams need to address reliability and power integrity long before final sign-off, accounting for their impact during the design process itself. Continue reading