About Prasad Alavilli

Prasad Alavilli is the Director of Software Development at ANSYS Inc. and heads Fluids development. He works in the ANSYS office in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and has been with the company since 2000. Prasad's background includes CFD solver development, hypersonics, reacting flows, parallel computing, and was Fluent Project Manager before his current position.

ANSYS HPC: On to a Million Cores!

ANSYS CFD is on the verge of a second renaissance in high-performance computing (HPC). The first, spanning more than a decade, has seen tremendous leaps in both the depth and breadth of HPC capabilities. Depth (or heights, rather) in the size of the scalable clusters — first 1000s, then 10K, and recently 100K core counts — and breadth of coverage across solvers, physics, post-processing, even file I/O, covered the gamut of high-performance simulations. The trend, in fact, is exponential, as evident in this chart, and spans many years of ANSYS Fluent software releases. While there are other impressive scientific scalability demonstrations, ANSYS Fluent set the standard for industrial HPC CFD simulations. Continue reading