About Ravi Ravikumar

Ravi Ravikumar is a Sr. Marketing Manager for the Apache Business Unit at ANSYS, Inc. He joined ANSYS in February 2014, and has over 20 years of EDA marketing and applications engineering experiences at both large and start-up companies. Ravi started his career as an ASIC applications engineer and holds a BE from India and MSEE from Florida Institute of Technology.

TSMC’s InFO Packaging Technology is a Game Changer, empowered by ANSYS

For engineers designing integrated circuits (IC) including system on chips (SoC), using integration and miniaturization to increase performance and bandwidth while reducing power and footprint has been an ongoing, continuous strategy. Now TSMC has developed an InFO packaging technology that is truly a game changer!

Why is InFO technology a game changer?

As mobile phones and other handheld devices continue to be a key driver of semiconductor innovation, chips often go into systems that demand a small footprint and minimum height. Since wiring dimensions of a chip are much smaller than that on a board, a chip cannot be mounted directly on a board. Continue reading

Design of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – A CPS Approach

An automobile is the biggest and most complex connected device used by consumers today. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is one of the fastest growing automotive applications. Stringent government requirements on automotive safety, fuel consumption and technology-focused consumer preferences are fueling the growth of ADAS. Driven primarily by safety, ADAS capabilities were first implemented in premium vehicles as key differentiators to enhance the user experience and protect the vehicle and its occupants. It started with features like parking assistance, adaptive breaking systems (ABS), adaptive cruise control and tire pressure monitoring. Continue reading

10X Gain in Productivity of Chip‐level Power Integrity Analysis

The internet has inspired the growth and permeation of electronics into everything from coffee machines to automobiles, hand‐held devices, mobile smart phones, healthcare monitoring and treatment equipment, communication devices, high‐end servers and more. Most of these are “always on,” and require the systems on chip (SoC) that drive the electronics to be: Continue reading

ANSYS at DAC 2015 Showing How to Accelerate Innovation with Simulation

Achieve Faster Design Closure across Chip-Package-System

While Design Automation Conference (DAC) has traditionally been an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) show for SoC (System on Chip) designers, over the last few years DAC has been trying to expand into adjacent areas such as embedded systems and software, automotive systems and related software, and now into security. Apart from EDA and IP (intellectual property — the building blocks for SoC design), automotive, embedded design and security are three separate tracks in this year’s DAC, taking place June 7-11 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. Continue reading

Automotive, the Ultimate Connected ‘Device’

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about connected devices, and those devices are not just smartphones, tablets and phablets. It is anything that can collect data (sensors), connect to the internet and transmit the data wirelessly (antennas), and make smart decisions on acquired data (embedded software / processors). The biggest “mobility device” happens to be one that is near and dear to Americans — the car. Over the last few years the amount of electronics and connectivity within a car has been rapidly growing making it a primary differentiator for an automobile. Continue reading

ANSYS Showcases IC and Systems Simulation Products at DAC 2014

While Design Automation Conference (DAC) has traditionally been targeted to IC designers, DAC 2014 is drawing automotive systems engineers as well. Taking place June 1-5 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, we will be showcasing our solutions at Booth 1413. There’s so much going on that you won’t want to miss, I thought I’d provide some of the highlights I’m looking forward to.

Walid Abu-Hadba_headshotNew this year is the Automotive Village — featuring papers, presentations, sky talks and other exhibits focused on automotive design. We’ll be showcasing our complete product portfolio from IC to system, including embedded software. Walid Abu-Hadba, Chief Product Officer at ANSYS will be delivering an invited Sky Talk on “Managing Multi-Scale, Multi-Physics Challenges in the New Generation of Automotive Systems”. Continue reading