About Ryan Schultz

Ryan is a part-time Master of Engineering student at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid completing his degree requirements online while working full time as a Senior mechanical engineer. For the past 10 years his roles have been in product development and manufacturing, first in sensor-based wearables, and now in high performance flexible composites at an energy technology company based in Calgary. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with distinction at the University of Calgary in 2006. Ryan’s interests center around “the 5 Bs”: bikes, brewing, books, bipedal locomotion and of course, boundary value problems.

My Experience Learning Numerical Simulation Online: Guest Blog

A few years ago, I was fortunate to work on a team that designed a road bike power meter that made it into the bike kit for a professional cycling team. That’s a rewarding accomplishment for a “roadie” like me. Finite element analysis (FEA) was an integral part of the success of that product and insights from the analyses led to a decisive mechanical change during development. It’s safe to say I’m passionate about numerical simulation.

Now I’m taking on a new challenge and am employing FEA to develop hi-tech structural composites. Here, industry is moving toward the numerical simulation realm of virtual rapid prototyping, early in the design cycle, and away from the expensive and time consuming loop to physically build, test, iterate, repeat. Physical validation of simulation is still critical but the goal is to reserve it for mature designs that are already well understood through FEA.

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