About Shefali Chandila

I am the Scenario Program Manager with the Electronics Business Unit at ANSYS. I joined ANSYS in 2005, since then I have worked in the software development of the leading products like HFSS and Q3D at EBU. I work with cross functional teams to deliver end to end solutions that span multiple product lines across multiple development areas within the EBU.

Antenna Design Workflow with ANSYS 17.2

antenna-designAntennas are the lifeblood of connected, mobile and many emerging IoT products. Consumers expect a reliable connection every time; anything short can kill a product launch or, worse yet, tarnish a corporate brand. That’s the market reality. The engineering reality is that there are significant engineering challenges associated with designing antennas and radio systems, including providing reliable connectivity and maintaining reasonable performance within an ever shrinking design footprint. Many of today’s devices need to operate in an increasingly crowded radio spectrum with the possibility of co-site conditions, operation near the human body and other challenging installed environments. Continue reading