About Scott Gilmore

Scott Gilmore is the Director of Product Management for the Platform Development Business Unit of ANSYS. He has over 30 years of experience in CAE software development and product management, including application frameworks, geometry, meshing, user interfaces, post-processing, and solvers for CFD and stress analyses.

Building Bridges Between Design Engineers and Analysts Using Engineering Simulation Software

Many companies, large and small, have individuals or groups using powerful engineering simulation software like ANSYS Mechanicalone of our flagship products. These analysts tackle some of the most complex and challenging engineering problems for their organizations.

These same companies often also have separate teams of engineers working daily on new and evolving product designs. They are often experts in CAD modeling, using CAD-embedded simulation tools to evaluate their designs. These basic simulation tools provide some useful guidance, but often fail to provide the accurate results needed to refine and optimize designs with confidence. Consequently, many design simulations must be handed off to the relatively small number of simulation analysts using trusted simulation tools like ANSYS Mechanical. Continue reading