About Shital Joshi

Shitalkumar Joshi is currently working as Technology Manager at ANSYS India. He joined ANSYS in 2001 after completed Masters in Chemical Engineering form IISc Bangalore. Shital has expertise in field
of fluid dynamics and multiphase flows and has worked extensively with healthcare, process and pharmaceutical customers. Over the years, He has developed simulation methodology and vertical
tools to facilitate simulation deployment for various applications.

Designing a Bioreactor: Bridging the Gap

designing a bioreactor gapIn a previous blog, it was explained how simulation helps microorganisms grow well inside a bioreactor. It is of utmost important that microorganisms are healthy in order to get a high-quality therapeutic products that can make human beings healthy. While simulations can help with ensuring this, there a gap in what simulation can do and what is being actually done on field. It means that the potential of simulation can be further realized for biopharmaceutical industry. Where is the gap and how can we bridge it? Continue reading