Sorin Munteanu

About Sorin Munteanu

Sorin is a Lead Software Developer at ANSYS. His development role is to implement Special Methods for ANSYS mostly related to remote cosimulation including cloud, multiple user concurrent access and ROM technology. Sorin has a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the Arizona State University and a Master's of Science from Polytechnica University in Bucharest, Romania.

How To Make MATLAB Apps For Fluent

I have a friend, who is also an ANSYS Fluent user, who asked me a simple question: “Why, in an era when everything is running on the ‘cloud’, can’t I have Fluent running on the cloud and just check on it whenever I want from my own MATLAB® program?”

Actually, you can. It’s as simple as cooking. I promise. In fact, it’s a simple recipe you can cook up with less than 20 lines of MATLAB code. This will be a simple example showing how to request a summarized report and a picture of residuals from a remote running Fluent session. You can use it to create reduced order models or sophisticated controllers in MATLAB for components designed in ANSYS Fluent. Let’s begin: Continue reading