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Tom Smithyman has focused his career on helping high-tech companies, from i2 Technologies to Vivisimo to ANSYS, to better tell their stories through their customers’ amazing work. He has personally written several hundred case studies on companies as diverse as Whirlpool, Boeing, IBM and Dole. And he has provided communications counsel to FedEx, GTE and Allegheny Energy.
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This Is No Simulation: Achieving Zero-G on Earth

I wasn’t expecting my dad to start speaking — especially while were we watching television. Let’s face it: some things are sacrosanct. So, when he started talking during the opening credits of the 1985 miniseries “Space,” I listened.

“All my life,” he said, “I’ve wanted to go in to space. But, I know that that that’s not going to ever happen. Maybe you’ll have the opportunity.”

Fourteen-year-old me had little doubt that I’d explore space, just like Star Trek’s Captain Kirk and Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker. I would, in fact, be the first person on Mars. No doubt about it. Oddly enough, my journalism degree wasn’t exactly the ticket to space. So, like most of us, my feet never left the ground.

Fast forward to last November, when one of our ANSYS employees entered a contest and won a seat on Zero Gravity Corp’s G-Force One. This company, the brainchild of X-Prize Foundation founder Peter Diamandis, sends everyday people on zero-G flights, similar to the ones NASA used uses for astronaut training. As luck would have it, the opportunity to fly with Peter and G-Force One fell to me. Continue reading

Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles This Week

Welcome to the end of another week. With all the science and engineering technology news this week, I probably could have filled two or three of these lists. But here are some of the stories you might have missed over the past couple of days:

US Special Operations Command plans to have Iron Man-like suit prototypes ready to go by 2018
Turbines From Outer Space Lift Lockheed to New Energy
Flirtey drones deliver socks from the sky at Menlo Ventures’ annual partner meeting
Windy City Could Soon Have the World’s Tallest Timber Tower
Science Rewards Eureka Moments, Except When It Doesn’t

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Catch Our Top Five Engineering Stories This Week

I hope your week was as productive as mine. There’s so much going on right now, from wrapping up existing projects to planning for the new year. Between the projects, though, I found some interesting science and engineering stories. See what you think about these:

Computing glitch may have doomed Mars lander
Undiscovered moons may lurk around Uranus
Hyperloop Pod Hovers for the First Time
Tesla Powerpack 2 has twice the energy density, began shipping in September
First Autonomous Beer Shipment Completes 120-Mile Delivery Continue reading

Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles This Week

And with that, another week is in the record books. Hope it was a great one for you. Here’s what caught my attention over the last seven days in engineering technology. What do you think about these topics?

China launches two-man crew to station module
Meet the Giant Robot That Builds Boeing’s Wings
Under Armour brings heart-rate monitoring and a bulky design to its Bluetooth earbuds
Elon Musk Says Every New Tesla Can Drive Itself
Pittsburgh’s AI Traffic Signals Will Make Driving Less Boring

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Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles This Week – Space Edition!

Welcome to the end of another week. Lots in the engineering technology news over the last seven days, so let’s explore. I’m a lover of all things space, so out-of-this world items dominate this week’s list.

Barack Obama: America will take the giant leap to Mars
Deep space: Are we smart enough to beat the physics?
A Friend For Pluto: Astronomers Find New Dwarf Planet In Our Solar System
Asgardia, Proposed Space-Based Nation Accepting Citizenship Applications
Trekkie—OK, and President—Barack Obama on Why Star Trek Is So Important

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Top 5 Engineering Technology Picks for the Week

I’m in Austin working on a cool simulation-related project. Details soon. In the meantime, snack on these engineering technology- and science-related stories from the last week:

China Confirms Its Space Station Is Falling Back to Earth
Why VR Matters, Especially in Rural Schools
MIT scientists use radio waves to sense human emotions
Federal policy for self-driving cars aims to set framework for next 50 years
New Supercomputer Cooling Method Could Save Millions of Gallons of Water a Year

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Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles This Week

Congratulations! You made it through another week! Your reward? Reviewing some of the most interesting engineering technology articles that broke during the last seven days here’s what has piqued my curiosity.

STEM To Steam: How Coffee Is Perking Up Engineering Education
In Senegal, young women challenge boundaries through coding
SpaceX says rocket launches could resume as soon as November
Elon Musk’s futuristic supersonic train Hyperloop may just be test-run in Pune
Robot operates inside eye in world first

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Engineering – The Final Frontier

This past week marked a milestone in television history. Fifty years ago Friday, Star Trek debuted on US television screens (in color!). While much has been made about the impact that this icon show had on popular culture, entertainment and even race relations, its influence on the technology in our everyday lives is just as important. Continue reading

Admiring the Engineering Behind Machu Picchu

I recently had the pleasure of presenting the keynote presentation at the Convergence Conferences in Buenos Aires and Lima. ANSYS has a great partner in ESSS in South America, and everyone there was incredibly hospitable. While in Peru, I couldn’t resist the urge for a short side trip to one of the most popular bucket list destinations, Machu Picchu. What I wasn’t expecting during this once-in-a-lifetime trip was to get a quick and dirty lesson about engineering. Continue reading

Realize Your Product Promise – The Movie!

About two years ago, ANSYS started using ‘Realize Your Product Promise’ as our unofficial tagline.

Red Bull Ad-Design News.indd

When we talk about the promise of a product, we’re really talking about a couple of different things. First, it means the product’s potential. Will this product save lives? Will it be a game changer for the industry? Will it lead to fame and fortune for you and your organization?

But the promise is literal as well. When a company – or an engineer or a production line worker – makes a product, it’s a promise to the user. It’s a promise of performance – that the product will work as advertised. That it will do what it is supposed to.

And maybe – just maybe – it’ll blow away your expectations.
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