About Vincent Delafosse

Vincent is Senior EM Product Manager for ANSYS Inc. for our Electromechanical products ANSYS Maxwell and ANSYS Q3D Extractor. Vincent has been with ANSYS Inc. for 10+ years. He has been helping companies solve complex problems with a focus on magnetic components, electrical machines, multiphysics applications, power electronics, system engineering simulation and EMC-EMI.

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

Wireless power transfer (WPT) is much researched and discussed in the context of IoT, electric vehicles and mobile electronic devices. The methodology of powering a device without a physical connection is well known. However, designing the coil shapes and their placement, maximizing efficiency and validating behavior at the system level still represent challenges that cannot be achieved without simulation. The next frontier to be explored is extending and applying wireless power transfer systems to more applications, such as continuous charging of multiple devices, increasing the range of efficient power transfer and ensuring the WPT system design meets regulatory guidelines. Continue reading