About Walid Abu-Hadba

Walid Abu-Hadba is the Chief Product Officer at ANSYS and is responsible for providing leadership for the overall strategy and management of the activities within our technical business units, including integration, development, research and patents.

ANSYS 17.2 Expands Multiphysics Coupling and Interoperability

ansys 17I’m excited to announce the release of ANSYS 17.2, the latest step in our unwavering commitment to push the boundaries of engineering simulation technology, so you can solve your most difficult product development challenges faster and more cost-effectively. No one can afford to wait in today’s fast-paced business environment, and our frequent release program ensures that you have the latest simulation solutions at your fingertips as soon as possible. Our goal is to deliver the best simulation tools on the planet when you need them, which is always now, not six months from now. So let’s cut to the chase. ANSYS 17.2 delivers many new advances across the portfolio, but here are a few of my favorites. Continue reading

Introducing ANSYS 17.0 – 10X Productivity, Insights and Performance

17.0With a number of emerging technologies and trends on the horizon, it is an exciting but challenging time to be an engineer. The convergence of new technologies into Industry 4.0 is ushering in an era of unbound product innovation. With the advent of the Internet of Things, a tighter integration of the digital world and the world of machines will profoundly transform consumer and industrial markets. New advanced materials are enabling engineers to create substantially lighter and sustainable designs. New technologies are changing the way we harvest, store, and use energy. And the possibilities of virtual reality and additive manufacturing are freeing engineers to explore more radical designs, free of manufacturing constraints. Make no mistake, engineering simulation will be the key to unlocking the power and potential of this new industrial revolution, and to this end, I am excited and honored to announce the next release of our simulation platform on behalf of over a thousand R&D professionals at ANSYS. Continue reading

ANSYS 16.2 – The Latest Advances in Systems Engineering Technology

ansys 16.2Now that the official word is out about the launch of ANSYS 16.2, I wanted to use our blog to talk to you about this exciting development less formally. In a word, ANSYS 16.2 is all about systems — because most new products today are really complex systems that have to be designed and verified holistically upfront for successful performance. Continue reading

NEW ANSYS How To Videos Channel on YouTube

Are you a new user of ANSYS software interested in expanding your scope of expertise? Or are you an experienced user who wants to understand the best techniques to tackle a complex new application? Do you wish you had access to experts anytime of the day to provide you with short tips to get you on your way?

Well, we have some new content on the web just for you! Continue reading

RedHawk 2014 Enables FinFET-Based Designs

image of ANSYS RedHawk GUIToday, I’m pleased to announce the launch of ANSYS Redhawk 2014. RedHawk was the industry’s first foundry-certified, full-chip sign-off solution for power noise and reliability. Over the past 10 years, its accuracy, performance and scalability benefits have enabled thousands of successful designs to make it into production by all major semiconductor companies. The newest version of the software will help to ensure that RedHawk continues to be a technology leader and solution of choice for chip designers around the world. Continue reading

ANSYS 15.0 Advances Engineering Simulation

When I came from Microsoft to join ANSYS in April, I knew that ANSYS had been offering industry-leading engineering simulation software for more than four decades. But what I did not know was the amount of innovation and product technology that the company had lined up to deliver this year — and over the next several years. As a result of the work I’ve done with product development teams, I have grown even more passionate about ANSYS and what it has to offer the industry. I am, therefore, as proud as the rest of the team in announcing the release of our new product suite. ANSYS 15.0 builds upon the many years of leadership and includes dramatic upgrades in each of the key physics areas (electromagnetics, fluid dynamics, structures and embedded code). The combination of performance improvements, new solver capabilities, HPC scalability advances and pre-processing enhancements delivers insights into the most challenging product designs.

ANSYS 15.0

ANSYS 15.0 Structures

Because manmade materials are everywhere, ANSYS 15.0 provides structural analysts with advanced new functionality for simulating composites. What I find very exciting is the innovation built in to ensure efficiency throughout the entire modeling process. For example, users can apply submodeling techniques in the pre-processing workflow to create high-fidelity local results while employing a coarser model globally to reduce overall computation time. Continue reading