About Guest Blogger Will Cottay

Will Cottay is an expert in High Performance Computing having worked for over 30 years with massively parallel and cluster architectures. Focusing mainly on research computing he has contributed to designs, performance optimization and administration for varied fields including financial, visualization, genomics, oil and gas exploration, and weather and other simulations. Will is currently employed at Penguin Computing as the Director of Cloud Services aiding organizations moving to cloud and hybrid computing environments.

Leveraging Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud for ANSYS Workloads

Engineers at every company are trying to innovate faster while holding down costs. Modeling and engineering simulations are the backbone of these efforts. Engineers may wish to run ANSYS Fluent simulations at scale, or many different permutations simultaneously, that may require more computing resources than are readily available. Hybrid HPC computing combines public and on-premise compute resources to offer organizations a flexible, cost-effective approach to meet these requirements.
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