About Guest Blogger Wagdi Habashi

Professor Wagdi Habashi holds the NSERC-Lockheed Martin-Bell Helicopter Industrial Research Chair for Multi-Physics Analysis and Design of Aerospace Systems in the Mechanical Engineering Department of McGill University and directs its Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. Holding a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering from Cornell, he has nearly 400 publications, half of them on in-flight icing simulation. Dr. Habashi founded two startups: Newmerical Technologies International, acquired by ANSYS in 2015, and CERTIF-ICE, Inc., a company active in the field of in-flight icing certification.

In-Flight Icing Simulation: 3-D CFD-Icing is Here to Stay

3-D computational fluid dynamics simulation of in-flight icing (3-D CFD-icing) has achieved considerable advances in the last decade , and many dynamic OEMs and second tier suppliers are using them to speed icing certification. Yet, others remain on the fence, using technologies from three decades ago.

inflight icing simulation

The different characteristics of ice, at different locations on an aircraft:
can that be done in 2-D?

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