Are You Moving Forward with Robust Design Practices?

Safety mirror in an automobileWe just published a new ANSYS Advantage magazine issue that deals with product integrity and robust design practices, and my work brought to mind a story I want to share with you. I had a first-generation LCD display in the rear-view mirror of my last car. This device was very handy to access GPS as the display showed in the mirror and didn’t require any alterations to my built-in audio system nor an unattractive GPS mount on my windshield. However, on this particular day, the display seemed to fail when I was in the middle of nowhere trying to find my way.

It is likely this malfunction occurred for a number of reasons. The combination of my heat-absorbing black car, driving in the south of Italy where the temperatures can reach up to 60° C, and the time it takes to cool the interior after switching on my air-conditioning, might not have been the parameters the equipment designer tested prior to production. Although I liked the functionality of the GPS, this product didn’t work in the real environment in which it needed to perform. Continue reading

Executives in Milan Innovate to Compete

Historically, ANSYS has been well known by engineers. But in the last several years, more and more executives and entrepreneurs have become interested in understanding what simulation software is and how they can implement it into their companies’ product development cycles. We say “Innovate to Compete.”

At a recent executive conference held in Italy, over 200 top executives met with ANSYS and other business partners. I can easily see why they were interested: An executive’s role is to look ahead, envisioning the products that will represent the future of their businesses. A company leader needs to find ways to create value in a very competitive environment, in which winning the market often means investing heavily in new ideas and facing the risks that come with radical innovation.

image of attendees at Innovate per Competere 2012 in Italy

Today, simulation software supplies insight so a leader can implement a strategic decision, understand which is the right product idea to invest in, determine if the innovation is feasible or not, and have confidence that this new product can realize the promises they are making to customers and shareholders. Today, entrepreneurs can soundly base their choices on virtual testing of thousands of hypotheses, taking into consideration unique ideas that can become breakthrough smart products. Simulation is helping them look into the future of their product’s strategy and make better decisions. That’s the reason behind why an executive meeting like this can be so successful.

Take a moment to view a video that features some conference participants. It is in Italian, but you’ll find an English translation below.

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Voyager: The Model of Robust Design Turns 35

I’m a big fan of birthdays. For the month leading up to mine, everyone – I mean everyone – around me knows it’s coming. But since we have a few months to The Model of Robust Engineeringprepare ourselves, I want to focus on a different birthday in this post. Voyager, the long-forgotten spacecraft and media darling of the 1970s, turned 35 this week.

Voyager captivated the imagination of the young and not-so-young as it beamed backed stunning pictures of Jupiter and Saturn (and the equally captivating images of Uranus and Neptune from its twin Voyager 2). Voyager is now, quite literally, where no one has gone before – near the edge of the solar system. Continue reading Changes Announced

If you’ve been to today, you may have noticed some changes. We’ve spent the last few months giving our site a little bit of a facelift to make it easier for visitors like you to find important information like our schedule for user conferences, thought-provoking materials in our resource library and, of course, the ANSYS blog.

image of new ANSYS Website

You talked. We listened.

You asked us to make it easier to find the content that is valuable to you. So we changed the call-out boxes throughout the site so you could more easily identify the variety of white papers, case studies and videos that are available. You also asked for more content across all of our industries and product offerings. We’ve started making those changes, but even more are on the way. Of course, every website is a work in progress. I encourage you to visit the site frequently to see the changes we’re implementing and the content we’re adding.

As always, we welcome your feedback – both positive and critical. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section, and I’ll be sure to respond to them. After all, it’s your website too.


ANSYS Welcomes Esterel Technologies

Today is another very exciting day for ANSYS – we have completed our acquisition of Esterel Technologies, a leading provider of solutions that simulate the behavior of embedded software code. Our joint solution will enable customers to gain greater insight into the behavior of the embedded software as it interacts with the overall product – including electrical, mechanical and fluidic subsystems. This combination will accelerate development and delivery of innovative products — smart products — to the marketplace.

How do smart products get smart?  Some of it comes from the design; a lot of it comes from intelligence that’s functionally built in — largely captured in the software that helps control and work with the microprocessors and all the electronics inside it. Continue reading

2012 Olympic Games – Will Speedo Contribute to Record Breaking Stats?

Are you ready for the Olympic Games to begin? Around the world, millions of eyes will be glued to the TV or Internet. NBC has 5,535 hours of coverage planned. Google has a dedicated website. For the next couple of weeks it will be a sports fans delight. At ANSYS, because of our work with Speedo, most of us will be particularly interested in the Swimming Events. Continue reading

The New ANSYS Customer Portal

A new ANSYS Customer Portal will be launched soon, and over the next few weeks you will have the opportunity to read about its features and improvements on the ANSYS Blog. The new portal has been custom built to provide a modern and world-class platform, and over the coming years this platform will become the single online source of support information and access to product downloads for the entire ANSYS portfolio.

Improvements have been made to product downloads, documentation, training & tutorials and solutions (FAQs). All of these assets will be accessible through a powerful search engine that will be the topic of this article. Continue reading

Trends in (Computer-Aided) Engineering Driving HPC Innovation

Last Friday, I gave a keynote talk at HP-CAST18 in Hamburg, Germany, about the trends in engineering that are driving HPC innovation. It was my first time joining HP’s worldwide HPC User Group Conference, and I was particularly impressed by HP’s detailed roadmap for new platforms, storage systems and low-energy computing, as well as their progress towards exascale computing.

I felt honored to be invited to speak in front of HP executives, HP technical staff, industry analysts, HP customers and partners. It’s a sign that HP seriously takes into account input from ISVs (independent software vendors, like ANSYS). Basically, my presentation identified some major challenges and trends in (computer-aided) engineering that are driving the demand for more HPC software innovations. Continue reading