New Open Hot Jobs at ANSYS

jobs at ansysAre you stuck in a career rut? Are you looking for a challenging new opportunity? Look no further than ANSYS. Our latest jobs at ANSYS are listed in this blog. You can find all of our open positions at  We accept applications via our online system. So, if you are looking for a change in your routine, visit our site and apply today.

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ANSYS Webinars for October 2015

ANSYS Webinar Learning EventsI know, technically it’s already the 5th of October, but I didn’t want you to miss the October 1st blog entitled Brain Simulation. Quite an interesting perspective on the future of data, in my opinion. So if you missed it.. go check it out. Here’s a look at the ANSYS webinars coming up for the month of October.

Please register for the topics you are interested in. In the event you can’t attend, I highly encourage you to register anyway so that you receive a link to the recording to watch at your convenience.

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This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles

This week’s Top 5 engineering technology articles concentrate on the small, Moore’s Law, and the really small. From wearable electronics to biogenetics, I’ve found some cool stuff this week.

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Brain Simulation

While reading “Out of Our Minds” by Sir Ken Robinson —published in 2003 — one prediction that blew my mind was the possibilities of backing up our brain information. It was not convincing, even considering some forty odd years into the future. I did a Google Search to discover that actually the book quoted a prediction by renowned futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson.

“By about 2040, there will be a backup of our brains in a computer somewhere, so that when you die it won’t be a major career problem.” – Ian Pearson

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5 Improved Workflows for Rotating Machinery Design and Analysis

There were a number of new and exciting workflow enhancements included in ANSYS 16.0 for those who design and analyze rotating machinery to make data transfers and simulation setup easier. Here are the top five enhancements:

1 – BladeGen to BladeEditor

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New Hot Jobs At ANSYS – Updated Sept. 29

jobs at ansysAre you looking for a change in careers? Look no further than ANSYS for your next new job. Take a look at our new jobs at ANSYS for this week. Apply online at and take the next step towards a new and rewarding career.

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ANSYS Webinars This Week – Sept 28

ANSYS Webinar Learning EventsHere’s our list of ANSYS webinars being held this week. From debunking the common misconceptions around high-performance computing to fracture mechanics tools to help you predict the potential for fracture in your products, there’s a little something for everyone this week.

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This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles

Hello all! My top engineering technology picks of the week include an electric surfboard (think Silver Surfer for comic fans), why Volvo is turning to garbage for the next innovation and why you may never have to deal with a flat tire. Have a great weekend!

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Taking Laminar-Turbulent Transition Modeling to the Next Level

Flows around aerodynamic bodies, like aircraft wings, helicopter blades, wind turbines and turbomachinery components develop boundary layers that, to a large extent, define their performance. The boundary layers can either be laminar or turbulent depending on numerous factors, like Reynolds number, freestream turbulence levels and surface roughness, to name a few. Understanding which type of boundary layer is present, and the location of the laminar-to-turbulent transition point under varying operating conditions, is essential for accurate predictions of the performance of aerodynamic devices. Continue reading

New Hot Jobs at ANSYS – Updated Sept. 22

jobs at ansysANSYS is hiring!  Do you want to work at ANSYS? Check out these new open hot jobs at ANSYS! Visit our career site to view all of our other openings. You may find your next career opportunity at ANSYS.

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