Get Up to Speed with ANSYS Training Options to #LearnANSYS

For over 40 years, ANSYS training has been a reliable partner for engineers to increase their productive use of ANSYS software. With tight deadlines and demanding product design requirements moving CAE engineers into the spotlight, engineers are feeling the pressure to deliver accurate predictions of product performance in a timely manner, often times before a product is even built.

Project and product success ultimately hinges on the preparedness of the engineering team to perform the simulations necessary to support key engineering decisions. In an environment of evolving demands it is becoming a high priority for engineers to keep their skills current. Successful engineers therefore focus on learning more in order to stay on top and to move ahead. Continue reading

Inductees to the 2017 ANSYS Hall of Fame Announced

ansys hall of fameWe wait with anticipation. It happens every year around this time. Year after year we are surprised and delighted by the results of the ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition. We received a wide range of images and animations from ANSYS users around the world and that is one thing that makes the season so special.

This year, more than ever, our customers have provided us with great examples of breakthrough energy innovation that include fuel injection, a marine turbine with reduced cavitation, tidal stream turbines and efficient generators. The entrants took advantage of not only world-leading physics simulation capabilities but performed multiphysics simulations that will help them realize their product promise. And, many have pushed our software to the limits using the full depth of product capabilities.

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New Job Openings at ANSYS

ansys jobs hiringAre you looking to make a career change for 2017? Consider joining ANSYS. We are the global leader in engineering simulation. Join our team of nearly 3,000 professionals worldwide. You too can make a difference in product development.

If you don’t see a job in this listing, check out our careers site. New jobs are posted as they open.

We only accept applications via our on-line careers site. Take a look and apply today! Continue reading

A Great Read with Advice Every Startup Needs to Know

entrepreneur startupEvery so often I come across a great read I think is so worthwhile that I want to share it with the world. This is the feeling I got when I read Henrik Zillmer’s recent startup blog post, What Every Future Entrepreneur Needs To Know, Part 1. The only change I would make is removing the word “future” from his title because quite frankly I think ALL entrepreneurs (past, present, and future) could benefit from his words.

Of course, there are lots of articles and blog posts that make running a startup sound like the coolest and trendiest thing to do these days, but Henrik doesn’t glamorize the investment one must make to be successful when choosing this path and he gives real, useful advice. Continue reading

Newest Job Openings at ANSYS

ANSYS is hiring. Take a look at our most recent postings. We post all of our new jobs daily, so make sure to look at our careers site every day. Don’t miss out on the excitement and work with us at ANSYS. We can only accept applications via our on-line careers site. Continue reading

5 Don’t Miss Startup Events in 2017 You Should Check Out Now

Startup companies have tons of events to choose from every year locally, nationally, and even globally. These startup events range in benefits and sometimes target entrepreneurs working in a similar industry or technology. Some of the largest events boast the best keynote speakers, opportunity to network with the most sought after investors, and coolest venues. However, as a startup you may only be able to swing traveling to one of these events each year. Take your time, research, and thoughtfully consider which event will provide the most value to your business.

Here’s my list of five research-worthy startup events happening in the first half of 2017. Continue reading

Happy Holidays to You and Yours from All of Us at ANSYS

As 2016 draws to a close, and as the Global Social Media Manager and Editor of the ANSYS blog, I want to take the opportunity to thank all of our readers for subscribing and sharing all of the great posts our ANSYS team prepares each week. The holiday season is actually one of my favorite times of year, because I get the opportunity to encourage our employees to step out of their comfort zone a little and help create fun stories. (The perception that all engineers are introverts is about to be debunked here and now.)

In years past, we’ve seen some really cute ideas submitted that took engineering to the North Pole. Who could forget these classics ! Continue reading

New Jobs at ANSYS

Would you like to start off 2017 with a new career? Why not consider joining ANSYS and our nearly 3,000 professionals around the world? ANSYS plays a critical role in the creation of almost every product that you touch. Join our team today and make a difference in product development. If you don’t see a job in this listing, all of our current open positions are listed on our careers site.

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ANSYS in ACTION – Let Us Show You How

We just held our eighth ANSYS in ACTION session. This one featured HPC on the Cloud and showed the audience how engineers without local HPC resources can access ANSYS and HPC in the cloud.

For those of you new to the series, ANSYS in ACTION is a webinar series where we show you how easy it is to solve common applications and address common challenges engineers face using ANSYS software in just 20 minutes on Thursdays at 1 pm ET. We skip the marketing and the background information and get right to the demo. Continue reading

My Experience Learning Numerical Simulation Online: Guest Blog

A few years ago, I was fortunate to work on a team that designed a road bike power meter that made it into the bike kit for a professional cycling team. That’s a rewarding accomplishment for a “roadie” like me. Finite element analysis (FEA) was an integral part of the success of that product and insights from the analyses led to a decisive mechanical change during development. It’s safe to say I’m passionate about numerical simulation.

Now I’m taking on a new challenge and am employing FEA to develop hi-tech structural composites. Here, industry is moving toward the numerical simulation realm of virtual rapid prototyping, early in the design cycle, and away from the expensive and time consuming loop to physically build, test, iterate, repeat. Physical validation of simulation is still critical but the goal is to reserve it for mature designs that are already well understood through FEA.

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