Cloud Offers Much More Than Unlimited Computing Power

enterprise cloud solutionsAre you considering moving to a cloud solution for your engineering simulation needs? The chances are that it’s your hunger for high-performance computing (HPC) that’s making you consider the cloud. While the cloud can deliver computing infrastructure on an unprecedented scale, but by focusing exclusively on CPU cycles, you might be failing to consider some other significant benefits. An engineered cloud solution like ANSYS Enterprise Cloud can put your organization on the fast track to using a mature, enterprise-grade engineering simulation environment that rivals those used on premise by industry leaders who have worked closely with technology providers and pioneered the use of simulation to deliver world-leading products.

It’s stating the obvious to say that engineering simulation is constantly pushing the boundaries of computing capacity. ANSYS has been instrumental in delivering on the vision of simulation driven product development. Our customers routinely simulate at a scale and level of complexity that was unimaginable a decade ago: more complex physics, more parts, more design alternatives; smarter more connected products. This naturally pushes demands on computing infrastructure; more cycles, more RAM, more cores, more storage.

This hunger for computing power makes cloud computing appealing, and it’s that desire for unlimited scale that tends to be what drives engineering and IT managers to first consider the cloud. The promise is compelling; use as much computing infrastructure as you need, when you need it, and pay for only what you use. It gets even more appealing when you factor in low-cost pricing models like the AWS (Amazon Web Services) spot market and software license models like ANSYS Elastic Licensing. However, when you dig into this dream of unlimited capacity you will realize that the realities of meeting your day-to-day engineering simulation needs poses challenges.  How can you efficiently transfer data between on premise and cloud? How can you ensure that data is secure? What is your backup and disaster recovery strategy? How can your engineers and analysts have easy and secure access to the Cloud? How can your Global teams have access to the same data? The cloud infrastructure providers have services to address these needs, but architecting robust solutions can be daunting.

image006To avoid the complexity of engineering a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution, you can turn to an engineered solution like ANSYS Enterprise Cloud. Cloud deployment automation allows near-instant provisioning of a complete simulation data center that provides a common platform for accessing simulation tools, with scale-on-demand HPC capacity that can be deployed in one of dozens of data centers worldwide. Virtual interactive workstations allow engineers to work with simulation data in the cloud, avoiding unnecessary data transfer. image004The cloud naturally provides location-independent access and enables enhanced collaboration, making it easier to expand simulation usage to a broader group. Integrated data archival provide a low-cost backup solution and enables reuse of valuable simulation IP. The entire environment has been architected for security, with data transfer encrypted in motion and at rest, and taking advantage of cloud security best practices.

In the end, what this solution provides is a simulation environment which looks and behaves very much like those used by leading customers that have taken years to architect on premise. The differences are that it’s running on cloud infrastructure, can be accessed by distributed teams, and you could have it up and running next week.

To learn more, I encourage those of you who will be in the San Francisco area to attend the upcoming SEMI & Amazon Web Services Seminar where you’ll learn about cloud deployments for big data and high-performance computing.


Or register for our July 7th webinar, Secure Engineering Simulation Workflows in the Cloud, where you’ll hear how ANSYS leverages Amazon Web Services to provide secure engineering workflows in the cloud.



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